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Celebrate Edgar Allan Poe's 214th Birthday at Poe Cottage with a Reading from "The Maddening"

Author Paul Thaler will be reading from his latest horror novel featuring "Poe," a serial killer who fashions himself after the celebrated author.

On Thursday, January 19th at 1 pm, author Paul Thaler will read excerpts from his latest psychological horror novel, "The Maddening," at the historic Edgar Allan Poe Cottage located at Poe Park, 2640 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York.

A Q&A will follow with the author and William "Roger" McCormack, Director of Education for the Bronx County Historical Society.

Seating is limited.

While living in the cottage during the late 1840s until his death, Edgar Allan Poe penned some of his most famous poems, including "The Bells", "Eureka", and "Annabel Lee".

"The Maddening" by Paul Thaler features a serial killer obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe, a traumatized young woman who has survived his horrific violence, and a disgraced detective face off in this dark and devious tale of murder and revenge. Click here to listen to the first chapter.

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